Introduction to Eclipse Equinox and OSGi

Live Eclipse でEquinoxの紹介をしていたので、メモ。地球の裏側で行われているセミナーを世界中で同時に中継してみんなでチャットをできるような世の中ってすごいよね。
WebベースのアプリケーションもSWTベースのアプリケーションも同時に起動できるOSGi Applicationは結構使えるんじゃないかと思うんですが、世の中に受け入れられるかどうかは微妙だなぁ。触ってて興味深い技術であることは確か。


Eclipse Seminar Introduction to  Eclipse Equinox and  OSGi
    2007/11/27 2:00AM JST
    1. Hello world to OSGi world.
    2. How to use Rich Server Platform
    3. How to use Eclipse Application Model
    Introduction to OSGi Technology and Equinox
      Introduction to OSGi Technology
        Benefits of OSGi Technology
          Aviod Jar Archive(JAR) file hell, supports multiple versions
            allow multiple versioning of same library
          Reuse of common components
          Simplifies multi-team projects with componentization
          Extensive tooling support in Eclipse
          High adoption rate,several key open source implementation
        The runtime for Eclipse which gives Eclipse its power
          OSGi R4.1
      Execution Environment
        Framework implementations can scale up and scale down
        The OSGi specification originated on the J2ME platform
        Enforces visibility rules 
          Eclipse projects always use internal packages.
        Dependency management
        Supports versioning of bundles,the OSGi modules.
          multi versioning Bundles
        All operations are dynamic.
        Extensive support for notification ofthe service lifecycle
      Bundle, the unit of modularization
        Bondles Collaborate through
          Eclipse Extension Registry
          Spring Dynamic Modules
          Declarative Services
        Self-describing module
          Bundle manifest describes the bundle to the Framework,version,dependencies,eports
    Server Side Equinox
        to use JSP in RSP.
        use servlet extension point
            to use JSPFactory
      Replacement for Tomcat
      On the fly register servlet and resource
        registerServlet(String alias, Servlet s, Dictionaly initparams, HttpContext c)
      -D eclipse.ignoreApp=true -Dosgi.noShutdown=true
    Equinox Application Model
      Add Content Dynamicaly
      allow multiple instances of applications to run at the same time.
    Are OSGi and JMX similar? 
      JMX is targeted to management Vm
      OSGI is targeted to management component lifesycle
    Eclipse webinar is always recoded.Why am I watching real time?
      Because if I have a question, then I ask someone using chatting window.